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Jun 28, 2007

Demolition: the disturbing reality

Imagine my surprise when I went over to the house June 22 and saw this. On the left here is actually looking into our bedroom from what was once our kitchen built-in cabinet. The kitchen was this bad as well when I arrived, but I was too stunned to take any photos before the fellow had shoveled most of it out. The photo on the right is looking into the kitchen, and through the wall into the bedroom, from the back deck.

Guess we don't have to question if the wall between the kitchen and dining room will have any problems associated with the rat infestation I battled in there a year or two ago because it is gone!

This is what our exterior looks like all the way around. As Stephen says, "A tarpaper shack." I reminded him this is my castle. I imagine this must be equally (or nearly equally) horrifying to our neighbors.

To keep my chin up, I think about what it will look like in about 8 months or around this time next year. I try not to worry. I've been researching kitchen and bathroom possibilities. I have noticed, no matter how much money we throw at this, no matter how much negotiating we do, I can always find something to be disappointed about, something to not like. I want to focus on happiness, so I am choosing to feel really good about this. At the same time, I am watching everything, hoping, learning. I remind myself daily that so many people wish they had a home, or even a meal. So my troubled mind is a symptom of being terribly spoiled! Really now, I mustn't take this for granted.



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