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May 6, 2009

My gym, Part 2

Perhaps I spoke too soon. Three days ago when Erin and I were at the gym together, a woman fell in the showers, and her blood scared another woman who alarmed us all. It was chaos, and scary, but I think she just had a bloody nose. Then two days ago as I left, some woman was laying in the entry way with all these people around her, putting a cloth to her face. And today, in the pool, this woman, who doesn't swim very well, dislocated her shoulder. And she doesn't speak English very well. After my shower, as I got to my locker, naked, 3 emergency workers came in to our locker room, men, to attend to her, and took her away in their ambulance.

I hope my mother was right when she frequently insisted that these things always happen in threes, because then I can go back to just enjoying my gym time. In all of these occurrences, the Y staff has been very professional. It's not that; it's just the feeling of emergency, the fragility of a body. The idea that something can happen any time. That whole thing about threes, I always thought it was just unfounded in scientific proof, like witchcraft, but I do hope it's true in this case.


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