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Oct 17, 2007

nothing is safe

Since thinking of Clayton Bailey, I quit my landscape design class that I hated, and am focusing on my self. And I've been diagnosed with depression. More on this later.
The remodel is moving forward. They got the trusses in place, put plyboard on top of them, and covered them with plastic tarps. Unfortunately, the plastic wasn't as effective as hoped, and the rain did come into our living room, a room we did not plan to remodel. Looks like we'll be getting a new ceiling. I am hoping there will not be a future problem with mold and mildew.

Then, Sunday after 3:30 pm sometime, our house was broken into. The garage, too. Nothing was stolen, as far as we, the contractor and I, can tell. I just hope the bad guys are not planning to come back with a big truck. Jeez, nothing is safe.



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