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Oct 1, 2009

Between May and September

Between May at the Oakland Y and September in Italy, many things happened.

In April I visited Linda Sue and Teryl in San Miguel Allende, Mexico. It was fabulous, but with my arthritic hip it was painful for me to get around on all those cobblestone streets.

Towards the end of May, Erin and I visited Monica and Kathleen in Seattle. Again, arthritis was aching. But Seattle is beautiful, and it was sunny and warmer than in Oakland.

June 3, I had my arthritic right hip replaced at Kaiser Hospital, Oakland. Despite dire warnings to the contrary, the Kaiser care was excellent, beyond my wildest imagination. I did a lot of exercise beforehand, and physical therapy afterward, but what a relief to get rid of that old thing.

In July, Michael and Kirsten came by for an overnight visit with their four adorable kids. I set up the tent in the backyard, and a few of them camped out there. FUN!

My long-ago Quincy friend, Arnold Mitchum, contacted me through facebook. In August he came to San Francisco with his band. They were great! And it was nice to see him again.


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