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Nov 6, 2008

Unequal Rights, by Popular Demand

Well, the California voters have done it. They have changed the state Constitution to deny Erin and I the rights afforded to every married couple by limiting marriage to between a man and a woman. In other words, Chloe, wake up! All men are created equal except, of course, if you do not happen to conform to heterosexual myth. I can see why this makes me angry. I tasted full equality since May 15 of this year, when the state Supreme Court determined it was against the constitution to deny anybody equal rights. Well, now the constitution says it can and will allow special rights, over 500 special rights, for a certain group of people, and deny those rights to every one else. So I was a fool to believe the hype about equal rights. This puts me in my place. Equal rights and the ideas around full equality are an ideal, not a reality. Sort of like a balanced state budget, peace on earth, and do unto others.

At least our government does not put queers in prisons and death camps, like the Nazis did in Germany in the 20th century. I am grateful for that. But I will watch cautiously. In case it starts to go that way, I'm outta here!


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