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Nov 27, 2008


Given the passage of Prop 8, I have to admit it’s been challenging this year to focus on being thankful. The days since the passage of Prop 8 have been difficult and painful. It was a loss for all who cherish fairness and equality.

The lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community has faced the unprecedented experience of having fundamental rights eliminated by a majority of voters in California. There is a very good reason why, as a nation, we have not put the rights of a minority up for popular vote — this is an outcome which mars the dignity not only of our lives, but also of the democratic process.

But as challenging as the last several weeks have been, I have found many things to be thankful for.

The support from so many of our allies who have joined with us to overturn Prop 8 has been inspiring. Prop 8 defeats the very purpose of our constitution, which is to protect minorities and to make sure the law treats everyone equally. The California Supreme Court has accepted our case challenging Prop 8 and we continue to believe that the Supreme Court will do the right thing and overturn this unconstitutional Proposition.

Aside from marriage inequality and the feelings I have around homophobia in general, I am very happy. I have a loving wonderful wife who shares my commitment to a long and cherished life together. Chances are, we will be able to remain 'married' at least in the state of California, no matter what the Supreme Court decides on Proposition 8. We enjoy good health. We have a beautiful, comfortable, and safe home. Our yard and neighborhood are comfortable and comforting. We eat well, and are fortunate to have many interesting friends.

Happy Thanksgiving


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