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Mar 14, 2008

The Drama Sags On, or The Saga of Flynkinskiridge

Wow! I can hardly believe it's been two weeks since we moved back into our house. We have not exactly unpacked yet. Erin's been working a lot. The cabinets are not quite done, or the library shelves, so it's kind of hard to move everything in.

My depression has completely lifted. I love to putter, and I have been very busy
unpacking and cleaning and organizing. This morning I finally came across the missing pieces of our espresso machine. French press coffee is good and has a fancy name, but I've been jonesing for a delicious home-made cappuccino. Tomorrow!

I am trying to organize things in our garage so I can move my new flat file in there. I have become some kind of obsessive control freak. I spent a couple hours the other morning trying to organize our lightbulbs from darker to brighter. We have a lot of light bulbs right now. With the new compact fluorescent bulbs, the watts they use is different than the watts they put out. I still have to decide what to do with these beautiful old light fixtures we may or may not be needing.

It's spring. All the flowers are blooming everywhere.
Petunia took to the new house immediately. She kind of remembered the place. It was just confusing as if she was thinking, "The kitty door used to be in the kitchen. Now it's in this other room." and "I don't remember these stairs being here."

The last day of construction before we moved in, Erin and I were over telling all the carpenters good-bye and thank you, hugging them and giving them bottles of wine. I guess Mark got all emotional, because he backed his big butch truck up into Erin's Audi. What a bummer for him! and embarrassing. We are torn because we obviously have more disposable income than he does, and he's such a sweet guy, we've grown very fond of him and the other workers. So it's hard to keep thinking about getting it fixed and him having to pay: $2,200 was the quote. He told me a long time ago his saddest days are when they finally take the blue porta-potty away from a job-site.

To the architect's credit,
the big picture is really fabulous. The new bathroom is quite luxurious. Erin and I are very happy with the beauty of our new house, and the serenity we found after moving back in. We are so happy, I feel like it's too good to be true. We both know this incredible period can't last, so we are trying to prepare for the inevitable decline, but also enjoy the high while it lasts.

The house looks really great. People stop all the time to talk with us and compliment us. I am busily making plans to rehab the yard.

We like our beautiful new French range, even though there will be a learning curve before we are able to use it. I've already served a burned-to-a-crisp quiche to a visitor.

All's well with our world.


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