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Oct 19, 2009


We visited Florence from September 20th to 24th.

Brian had rented an apartment.

On September 21st I posted to my blog, "
In an apartment in Florence, Brian's making espressos, the washer is spinning outside the door, and we're playing a song game. We're all singing songs featuring one word. It's so casual and comfortable. Vacation has kicked in, about a week ago.

We toasted his mother, Gail's, 70th birthday, and I emailed her this photo from my iPhone.

Florence overwhelmed me at first. I had never experienced anything that compares with the convergence of history, art and architecture, and contemporary culture, not even in Paris.

The Duomo from the top of the Campanile.

The Pieta on a wall.

Ancient Gold Doors

Piccolo Gay Bar

One night we came upon a rock concert/Mafia protest.

I was awed by this Midici Ceiling.

It was almost too much.
By the time we left for Rome, Erin and I were exhausted!


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