notes to self

If wishes were pennies and I could fly, I'd be very rich I'd be very high

Feb 24, 2009

What a difference a year makes

Oh what a difference a year makes!

I feel so much joy this year, especially compared to my raw anxiety during our remodel.

Believe it or not, we moved back in last February 28th.

What a relief! I am surrounded by so much beauty, my heart rests. I am grateful just to be alive right here right now.


Feb 10, 2009

Tilden Park looks particularly beautiful in the rain.

This Thanksgiving, dinner was quiet, beautiful. We have decided we do not like turkey. Makes us both sick to our stomachs.

Castro theatre is a fabulous place to see a great movie, anytime of the year.

Erin's family came for a visit. Those kids are so adorable!

We went to Mendocino County to visit our dear friends, Paula and Mike.

The winter garden is actually full of flowers, spectacular in the dormant landscape.