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Feb 26, 2008

Notes to myself

Just a note to myself, really, another complaint, and then move on. I wondered why I am often so surprised, and even disappointed, in our remodel extravaganza. There are several changes to the architect's drawings we thought had been made that didn't get onto the contractor's drawings. Two more
-- The motion sensor lights on our driveway
-- The glass in the broom closet door

Some things we expected to be different, and actually better,
than they used to be, but turned out to just be different, in ways we never imagined. For instance, the back deck used to have a roof over it. When I imagined a balcony for a telescope over the back deck, I never imagined the back deck without a roof. This last rain is the first with our deck and balcony complete enough to realize the balcony leaks onto the deck. Between each board. There is no roof. No wonder the electrician said we cannot use our beautiful old light we used to have out there. There will be no more grilling in the rain. We will have to get different set up for our outdoor furniture. Either get weather proof table and chairs, covers for the furniture we have out there, or get furniture we can move inside (somewhere) whenever it rains.

I just have to let go of my regrets. We are moving in two days. It will not be complete yet, but they will finish in the next couple weeks, maybe a month or so. By this time next year, I'm sure we'll be glad we did this. Evidence of this promise is, now we are both a little sad to be moving from this rental. This smelly, moldy rental has made us both sick, and some of our friends feel kind of sorry for us. But the rental house is beautiful, and the neighbors are very nice on both sides.

Feb 21, 2008

Here you see why we are both sick at this rental. My framed photo hangs over the mantel on a wall seriously stained by 60 years of the previous owner's cigarette addiction. Poor dear.

It was funny to see this as I came to the top of the stairs. At first I didn't realize that black cage is the packing material, not part of this little chandelier in Erin's sitting room. I thought it looked dramatically modern and beautiful. Then I realized it was just the package.

It is really hard to believe we move in next Thursday, one week from today. At least the kitchen tile is all in, and the hood and duct cover have been repositioned to allow room for an adult's head. The dishwasher is under the counter, but last time I saw the space there was no plumbing or electrical behind it.

Everybody is working very hard to get us in our home on time. But tomorrow and Saturday/Sunday no one can go in because they will put the finishing touches on the wood floors. Then, Monday and Tuesday = finish, Wednesday = clean up, then Thursday = move back in.

Feb 17, 2008

It's hard to believe, this being the 17th, we will be moving into our house in eleven days. This is what it looks like today,
our closet

dining room

and laundry room.
The other rooms look pretty much the same.

The bedroom will be filled with sunlight, which will be great, except when we want to sleep.

The decorative mandala tiles were not a complete loss. I got him to use the four samples tiles I had, and we think it looks just great.

The back deck and balcony looks great.

The kitchen is not quite right,

and the yard will need some work.

All in all, it will be such a relief to be done with this remodel, and start repairing our lives and regaining our sanity.

Feb 7, 2008

Erin took me for a romantic weekend at Half Moon Bay Ritz Carlton. Fabulous!

Back to the remodel . . .

Before they paint by hand they spray the paint.

This charming fellow is doing a wonderful custom tile job in our new bathroom.

This friendly man is the main painter.

Shopping for knobs is way more fun than faucets!

I chose one of these beauties for the new bathroom.

So generally, I am feeling much better. The house is coming together, and Erin and I are very excited to move back in and get unpacked. Having guests visit will really make it a home again. It will take a while, but we'll get the yard looking good again. It's spring!