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If wishes were pennies and I could fly, I'd be very rich I'd be very high

Dec 31, 2008

32-20 Blues

Dec 4, 2008

Note to Will Scarborough, Pacific Northwest

Dear Will,
No sorry I don't remember you, but I'd be most happy to make contact. Please email me chloe at sbc global . net with your contact info, and let's catch up. Are you buying property up there in Quincy?

ps: You mean that guy's name was not 'Dumboz?'

Chloe Atkins

Several people invite me to join their social network on the internet, for instance friendster was an early one, and most recently facebook. And I get a lot of junk email indicating a Chloe Atkins presence on facebook. So today I checked it out, and all these people are identified as Chloe Atkins on facebook.

Who woulda' thunk? When I was a little girl in the 1950s and '60s, nobody had ever even heard of the name Chloe, much less pronounce it or spell it correctly. Now it's confusing who is the real Chloe Atkins. I mean, if my name were Jane or Mary . . .