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Mar 25, 2009

Thoughts on Arizona

Earlier in the month, we went to visit Erin's dad, Pete, and his wife, Ann, where they've been spending their winters in a gated community in Mesa, Arizona.

It's a little circular trailer park called 'Venture Out'.

They live in a
postage-stamp size double-wide, with an "Arizona Room" addition, ie an enclosed porch. All the nearly identical trailers are neatly arranged fanning out in a circle, their fronts are decorated with all kinds of plaster animals, gnomes, plastic flowers, and various cacti. I decided if we lived in that eco-system, I would choose the palo verde tree, the Ocotillo cactus, and the delicious orange trees. Also jojoba, the female of which makes the oily berry so good for our skin.

We stayed in Mesa two nights, and I didn't sleep well either one tho I took Melatonin. The dreams! On the last night I dreamed I died (probably from hip surgery). Nite mares!

Laying in bed, I thought or dreamed long and hard about choosing to live surrounded by people like yourself, rather than mix it up with a widely diverse mindset. About how this is somewhat closed-minded and prevents some kinds of movement. But there is a sort of comfort in it, a reinforcement in feeling like I am, or one is, OK. Later, my friend talked with me about this idea and pointed out it's not just ideals that bring similar thinking people together, it's also
similar income levels, similar education, similar resources, similar needs. In retrospect, in some ways, that gated trailer park retirement community in Mesa, Arizona seems somewhat idyllic. Everybody is of a certain income level, age group, rides around in golf carts, gets together for social activities, understands aging concerns and health issues.

I just liked the look of this hotel we passed walking down the road one day.
(abandoned hotel)

Mar 4, 2009

Caged birds

The woman at the pet food store said: Pets have the best lives. Well, maybe cats and dogs, but certainly not fish or birds. Fish have to swim in their own excrement. Caged birds cannot fly.