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Oct 6, 2008

Death-to-Indigenous-People Day and I am stuck in war hell

As I was out enjoying my peaceful sunny garden, the Blue Angels just dive bombed our back yard. How I wish they were not allowed to disturb my peace, those evil celebrators of war, horror, violence and oppression. The alarm they send reminds me it will be fleet week in the San Francisco Bay Area, Columbus Day, or more appropriately, Death-to-Indigenous-People Day every year. Usually I try to get Erin to take me out of town, far away from here. And then I let the mayors know, I protest by spending my money in another, more peaceful, and more safe location. But there is no escaping them this year. I am stuck here in war hell. I hear them circling the blue sky as I type this.

And, yet again, I demand to know,
What is their effect on the environment?
What are we going to have to do to repair their damage?
How could these people be occupied in a less-destructive, more constructive manner?

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