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Jul 30, 2007

Separate church and state today!

In answer to my question, "What rights are currently being denied same-sex couples that heterosexual couples receive with marriage?", Christine Allen of Marriage Equality USA responded:
No same-sex couple in this country can access any of the 1,138 federal rights provided to married couples. The rights provided by each individual state vary – depending both on the state and on whether or not there is any legal recognition of same-sex couples in that state that may provide some of those rights. Please remember that the states that do provide some recognition only do so within the boundaries of that individual state. My Domestic Partner rights and benefits here in California disappear as soon as I cross the state line on a trip. The same is true of the right to marriage in other countries – If my wife and I travel to Canada or Spain and legally wed there, that marriage is not recognized by the government here in the United States.
Christine Allen
Marriage Equality USA

The denied right that most affects Erin and I and infuriates me is inheritance. When I die, Erin will have to pay tax on 100% of the current assessed value of our home, the home we own equally. If we could marry, the tax would not apply. The ownership simply passes to the surviving wedded spouse.

The people I have talked to that say we should be denied the right to marry, say it has something to do with the bible or their interpretation of it. My point is: Our United States national constitution states we should all be treated equally. And, there should be a separation of church and state. I think the legal rights that accompany marriage should be removed for every person. Then, marriage can be "sacred," and reserved for heterosexuals only, and all citizens of this country can receive equal legal status.

Anything less than equality, is less than equal. Until we are treated equally, I will not be satisfied.